Deliverance And Exorcism Books

A Believer's Guide to Deliverance for Children
Foster, Adoptive or Birth Children; 
A Way to Remove the Foothold of the Enemy

Is a Deliverance and Exorcism manual for parents, pastors and teachers and so much more! It's a Christian parenting book filled with Biblical information on how to protect and deliver your children. Leaving no stone unturned it also address nutritional deficiency and allergy issues as well as numerous things that open your child up to demonization. Multiple parents share their experiences with children that had demons and what they did to get peace and freedom back in their homes.

 This book is filled with real life deliverance and exorcism stories and exorcism prayers, ending with all of the easy steps to exorcism you can do at home. The book is thirteen chapters, 138 pages of wisdom and sound biblical advice. It includes several chapters biblically explaining deliverance and exorcism. At it also includes a special addendum offers dozens of links to web sites with information relating to a very large array of parenting and deliverance needs including deliverance ministries.

 This book will answers your spiritual questions.

* Can a Christian have a demon?
* What is demon possession?
* Can my child have an unclean spirit?
* Is demonic possession real?
* Is mental illness demonic?

So whether you call it devil possession, demon possession, unclean spirits or just plain rebellion we can help. Whether your problems or mild or off the charts, your life will be changed from reading this book.  While this book is written for the deliverance of children, the easy steps can be used on adults for exorcism as well as explaining how they came to need it. Order now to find out how Nedalee and other parents overcame desperation and took back their homes, children, lives and destinies. You will learn techniques guaranteed to improve your life!
Complete How to's for the average person to perform an exorcism and many other tips. 

* Drugs
* Tantrums
* Rejection
* Rebellion
* Allergies
* Anorexia
* Addiction
* Behavior Problems
* Bonding Problems
* Suicide
* Demons
* Profanity
* Night Terrors
* Cults
* Tormenting Memories
* Schizophrenia
* Mental Illness
* Autism
* Generational Curses
* And much more!
Exorsism Books

* Parents
* Grandparents
* Foster Parents
* Adoptive Parents
* Teachers
* Social Workers
* Councilors 
* And yes, even Pastors

***PLEASE NOTE: The above titled book is currently out of print, but an updated and revised version called THE DESPERATE PARENTS HANDBOOK is available in PDF format for immediate download for $37.

If you'd like to purchase the book now click here and select the "buy now" link twice. (You will be directed to The Desperate Parent site.)

You may also be interested in our personal account of what an exorcism feels like in the short book called The Exorcists Exorcism. Also available by clicking here and selecting the "buy now" link twice. (You will be directed to The Desperate Parent site.)

Real life Exorcism stories in both books.

Here is a photo from The Exorcists Exorcism

Copy_of_Nedalees_Deliverance.jpeg (16023 bytes)


Notice how gray the person receiving deliverance ministry skin is compared to the lady in red next to her. If you click on the picture you can see an enlarged version that shows the veins in the forehead bulging.

If you would like to know more before buying either book, feel free to explore our About the Author, Testimonial, and Evaluation links. Exorsism

Real life Exorcism stories in both books.


Evaluation...How do you know if this book is for you?

Have you ever felt that you or someone you have known was wearing a "kick me" sign? Or wondered why a young child seemed so sexual? Or wondered why people treated you like you were invisible and rejected you? Or do you know someone who is a 'bum magnet", only drawing the wrong friends or relationships? You may have a spirit assigned to you or your children, which attracts such behavior from other's like bees to pollen. What about behavior and other problems, could they be caused by an unclean spirit? What is an unclean spirit and how to you get rid of one? What is a generational curse and how do you get rid of it? How do you cleans you home? Take this test and find out if you need to buy the book.

Is your child a foster child?
Are you raising a grandchild?
Is your teen using drugs?
Does your child have allergies?
Is your teen or child uncontrollable?
Do you need hope and help?
Is your child rebellious?
Does your child have ADD?
Does your child have ADHD?
Does your child have raging tantrums?
Has your child ever been molested?
Has your child been rejected?
Has your child been traumatized?
Does you child have nightmares?
Does you child have imaginary friends?
Have you ever worried that your child might kill you?
Have you ever worried that you might kill your child?
Do you love your child?
Do you hate your child?
Are you a pastor or a teacher?
Are you a councilor?
Do you think that your child's problems might be spiritual or caused by a spirit or demon?
Has your child or anyone in you home used a ouji board?
Has your child or anyone if your family dabbled in witchcraft?
Has your child been abused in any way?
Is you child suicidal?
Does you child have an eating disorder?
Does you child have ODD?
Is your child often angry?

If you've answered yes to several of the above you both need and will be helped by this book!


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